• Magda Nogas


Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Who doesn't dream about getting away from their everyday life? You would hope less people. I loved my old life. My home, my family even my job. Truly, I know I guess I am one of the few that can say that with an honest heart.

Is that enough? No, I wanted more out of life than the norm. Adventure, explore, learn, discover, challenge. Im lucky to say my partner in life wanted the same. So here we are. Not sure what the road will bring, but thats the idea. Live less planned and pre-designed, get more in-tune with everyday adventure, with bonding, with spending time together, with learning about each other through each other shared adventures.


Doing something like this, is pretty easy if you set your mind to it. But there are things that take some time, like getting rid of things you don't need/want. Our time frame is one month. As we do live on the East Coast the winter has been pretty mild thus far, but it is still freezing most days, and prepping the RV for the road and going through our storage space has been challenging. We try to have a time frame, but we are in no rush besides the building excitement that keeps expending with each day.


This is probably the most common question asked by family and friends. How can you guys afford it? We sold our home, along with our belongings, had saved some money as well. Idea is to live on the budget, mindful one. Work as we go, in exchange for money/or place to stay with the RV instead of camp sites that can certainly ad up. Farm work, house sit, whatever we stumble upon. We are both pretty versatile to the jobs we've done in our lives thus far and certainly we are open to learn new skills.

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