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Apple roulade with cinnamon

Being back on the East Coast with family has been so great, and food wise i've been more drawn to a lot of the traditional Polish dishes and if not traditional I would say semi traditional. This apple roulade is kind of a goto in my family. It's easy, not too sweet and you can put any fruit you want in it, as soon as it's not too watery and I would probably stick to fresh fruit.

This holiday season I had to make five of them for my family pierogi shop, so while I was whipping endless amount of egg whites I thought I should share this recipe on my blog. Even though I didn't make it in our rig this time, but rather my moms house. I can say with confidence tiny space wouldn't stop me from this recipe it's easy really one bowl mess.

Things you will need:

medium size bowl

electric mixer



measuring cup

small bowl

baking sheet (1ftx1ft)

kitchen towel


(All ingredients should be room temperature.)

6 eggs ( seperate whites from yolks)

3/4 cup sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup of flour (sifted)

5-6 granny smith apples ( peeled and cut in 1/8ths)

1-2 tsp cinnamon

Prepare the baking sheet lined with parchment, peeled and cut apples spread out on the baking sheet than sprinkle cinnamon. Preheat oven on 375 degrees.

Separate the whites be careful to not get any yolk this might affect the whipping of the whites. Add the pinch of salt to the whites and whip it until stiff. After add one yolk at a time, while constantly mixing it on low speed, after add sugar tbsp at a time. Slowly add flour and gently fold with spatula until all the flour is incorporated in the batter. Try not to over mix it because it might lose its fluff. Spread the batter over the apples try to spread evenly, it might look like you don't have enough batter but don't worry it with rise and even out.

This recipe is for like a traditional sponge cake its very versatile. if you made something else with it in a smaller baking sheet it will be nice and tall and yellow from all the yolks. This is an old recipe passed from generations in my family. It comes out great every time. But there are few rules that I mentioned above that are important.

1. Room temp ingredients

2. Not getting any yolk into the egg whites

3. don't over mix it when incorporating flour

If you follow these three rules you are up for success with this sponge cake either in this recipe or any other recipe that requires sponge cake.

Baked it for 20 min or so honestly it all depends on your oven, general rule of thumb is once its golden you take it out. Once you take it out lay your kitchen towel on flat surface make sure its roughly the size of the baking sheet. Now carefully flip your sheet upside-own so the top of the roulade ends up on the towel.

now quickly grab the top corners of your towel and roll the roulade towards yourself.

Once you roll it gently move it to a cooling rack, without the towel. Once it cools dust it with powdered sugar, and it’s ready to be devoured.

Of course you can trim the edges if you want it to look more presentable. I forgot to take the pretty picture of it on a pretty plate, with pretty coffe cup next to it. But in my opinion aesthetics of food are not as important As the actual taste. 😜


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