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Disappointment in beauty.

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We fell in love with Oregon from the first moment we drove in it. Today marks exactly a month how long we've been here. The reason why we've been here for so long is because we really loved it here. Granted we did stay at a magical farm on the outskirts of Medford, surrounded by incredible people and beautiful landscape consisting of vineyards and hemp fields.

We felt so good, we were sure this was IT. That we need to look no further, this is where are next place we will call it home will be. I even started browsing the net for jobs, prices of properties just to get a better idea.

Its a such a great landscape, mixture between grassy woods and dessert like fields. From rolling hills with fruitful vines to Mount McLoughlin in the near distance. to lakes and rivers around and only barely 3 hours away from Pacific and magical redwoods.

Until, that one day when everything went gray and smoky. Beauty disappeared, and fear creeped in. I've never experienced fires, only knew it from stories and media. Anxiety went through the roof and sudden urge to run overpowered me, the idea of the perfect place shattered as fest as it arise.

The feeling of not being able to take a deep breath outside, made me redefine freedom and how precious air is and how we underestimate it. To locals around here its a norm, they expect it, and they were quiet surprised it didn't come earlier in the season. Although even to locals the last three years have been much worst compare to the past decades. All I could think is how do people live here!? But then I thought about all the other things happening in other parts of the states/world that people simply accept and grow accustom to.

After a week of being here while it was smoky we needed to get out and get fresh air. If not to the long awaited mechanic appointment and security deposit on material for our dinette cushions we would be long gone.

Few days by the Pacific sounded like a great idea.

It certainly helped, to regroup and think of whats next, and simply breathhh....

It certainly helped, to regroup and think of whats next, and simply breathhh....

we also stopped by the Red woods on the way back, to breath more fresh air.

the cleanest river we have. ever seen.
Smith River

Oregon you've been great but we will not be calling you our home, but we certainly will cherish the memories we built here, and continue our friendship with friends we made, and maybe even visit. but for now bon-voyage!

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