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Easy 2 ingredients yogurt

Updated: May 11, 2020

Yogurt is eaten everyday in my house especially by Luna its one of her favorite breakfasts topped with granola or crisp rice and honey. I also use it for soups, and baking. Before I made the first batch I really thought it is a long process, and that idea always steered me away from actually giving it a try. Recently I tried it, and never bought store bought yogurt again, its so easy, cheaper. Probably better for you too if you know where your milk comes from, and the quality of it.

There is loads of different recipes online, as for everything else. You can get the special yogurt starter cultures, or simply make it from just a bit of your plain yogurt you already got in your fridge. Did I already mention simple?!

All you will need is gallon of good quality organic milk, and ideally good quality plain yogurt a thick bottom pot ( some make it in instant pot) a spoon and a food grade thermometer.


(makes 1 1/2 quarts of yogurt)

1 Gallon of milk

1/4 cup yogurt

Add the milk to the pot and heat it up on medium until it gets to 180 degrees stir the pot quiet often as the milk might burn on the bottom you will have slight bubbles all around the edge that is a good indicator that the temp is getting close to 180.

Take it off heat, let it cool to 110, mix 1/2 cup of milk with you 1/4 cup of yogurt ( don't forget to cool the milk before you mix in the yogurt). Once well mixed add the mixture back to your milk, stir your milk with yogurt few times put a cover on the pot.

Now you will wrap your pot in a towel or a blanket and put it somewhere where it won't be on the way for 6-12 hours (room temp).

After that time your yogurt will be ready (TaDaaa) transfer in containers and refrigerate. it will have creamy consistency, and guarantee you the satisfaction! Enjoy it with fruit, substitute for sour-cream and anything else you normally use your plain yogurt for... ✌🏼

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