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Ins and outs of full-time Rving

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I didn't write any posts for over two months and the reason being is I needed to fully settle in this new life style of ours. Also put some thought into what I want to focus on here. I think there is enough travel blogs out there and not so many about family life in 29 sqft home on wheels with a very energetic toddler.

Looking back at when we were still back home getting ready for this adventure, it felt like we would never leave. There was always something to do, something to fix before taking off, and now two months behind our belts! I still can't believe it. One things is a fact time flies much quicker when you have fun all the time.

One of the things that held us up the most from deporting was Luna's carseat situation. After many hrs of internet research and not many satisfying ideas how to transport a toddler in a safest way possible. We had to do some brain storming! Thats what people did before computers anyway, right? My partner, who is the most innovative human I know came out with the great idea of building a metal frame that would mount to the frame of the bus making it super secure, which would hold a car seat on top of it on which we would be able to mount Luna's carseat on. It certainly took some planning, drawing, sourcing, and rechecking if that idea would work. The idea was that I would have easy access to assist her to her needs while being in the passenger seat without having to get out of my seat, and also she would be able to see much more by being in between us but set back bit. Did you know that any other seats in motorhomes are not really tested for car crash even though they follow the federal guidelines?! We sourced a carseat at a junkyard which came from a Chevrolet.

There wasn't anything more important to us but make sure she is as safe as possible, with the amount of hours on the road, safety and comfort was on top of the list.

It was a brilliant idea! She loves it, she is so engaged in the views and my access to her while in motion is super helpful. Yes we did have to sacrifice some space for the seat but by now it feels like it was always there.

I will be posting a youtube video of Flori explaining more in detail of we did it. In the mean time check out our channel, to see where we've been and what we've seen.

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