• Magda Nogas

Its not always peachy

As in life things come up, things break, its a constant flow of ups and downs. Since we left we had some mechanical problems with Brave. Nothing super major but things that did cost $$ and time. Good thing is my partner Flori is super handy when it comes to mechanical things.

Lets not forget Brave is 22 years old, she is no spring chicken. So far our fridge went we had to get a new power board for it, we had an oil leak, and our A/C gave us some issue. But only once she was in the shop which ran us ($507) all the other issues we were able to address by ourselves actually Flori did.

I find it its no different with a brick and mortar, as an ex-home owner there was always something to take care of, something to fix. But Im learning with smaller space its just less expensive.

Northern California coast

Nevertheless, she has been so good to us, bringing us to the most beautiful places. I never felt attached to vehicles, like I never named any of my cars. So when they say when you give something a name it changes your approach to it, and it creates an attachment. I can certainly say that I feel this for the first time with a vehicle, but most likely its because its not just a car but a home.

It certainly helps to be mechanically knowledgable when traveling in a motorhome, because you know it won't be so expensive and potentially less stressful if you know how to address the problem yourself. But now days, youtube is humans best-friend. You can learn how to be mechanically savvy, or how to play an instrument. So don't let this discourage you from living/traveling in a motorhome, rather I would hope you would find it as an encouragement. Especially if you're thinking of buying a home, this is a great way to start just on a smaller scale, with smaller budget and at that you get to explore much more with home on wheels.

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