• Magda Nogas

When not knowing is okay too.

Have you ever stressed yourself about not knowing? I know like everyday right! We all struggle with the unknown. Because it's such a hard concept to grasp, it fills us up with anxiety, headache, feeling edgy, and insecure. This is something that I believe I struggle the most living on the road...imagine, not knowing where you will go tomorrow, where will you spend the night, will it be safe, will the road be accessible, will your home on wheels make on and on. But you know what, its been the best lesson of all this far!

We like the idea of living in the now, we always agree with it when we hear about it from our yoga teacher, mentors, books. But when it comes to applying it into our reality it becomes so foreign and exotic that we almost don't believe it can be done.

Steps that helped me be okay with not knowing:

1. Accept it.

2. Trust yourself.

3. Keep positive outlook.

4. Take deep breaths.

4. Repeat.

Your mind eventually gives in, and stops fighting with the anxious 'what if's'.

I am not a master at it, but day by day, month by month I see the difference. But you know what else helped, slowing down. Our day to day lives are happening so fast, everything is rushed, we are constantly running a marathon. Don't you ever stop and wonder...damn this week flew by?! I know I do! But the more I put my phone down the more I am there in that moment the more my mind slows down and the more relaxed I become, and something happens where not knowing becomes okay, because at the end I know whatever will be thrown on me I will be able to deal with it better when my mind is quieter and body is relaxed.

As we've been exploring Colorado for the past month, it really felt good for a minute, where I really thought it might be just the place we will settle for some time. That thought of 'this might be it' put me at ease, I stopped wandering about where we will go next, I focused on exploring the area. Then things changed we decided to keep going, anxiety creeped right back up. You know what I did, I acknowledged it, and said you can go now. I know I sound like a crazy person but it worked, I simply accept it the fact that Colorado is not our place at least not for now. Do I know which way we will go? No Idea, do I stress my self about it? Sometimes, but then again, I put my phone down and sink into the moment I am in, take a deep breath and say everything will be okay.

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